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Manon has over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, yoga teacher, holistic lifestyle coach and personal trainer. From her sports training and Ashtanga Yoga background (with as inspiration a.o. David Swenson and Kino McGregor) she has also delved into the softer forms of yoga.

In addition, she is interested in the inner man and inner work. Studying Human Design is a big part of this. To know yourself in the first place and also the people around you.

Yoga appeals to me because of the physical aspect combined with the depth, philosophy of life and creativity. Yoga makes me experience more peace in my head and therefore I can make healthier choices. Lichamelijk en mentaal voel ik me sterker en meer gebalanceerd door yoga. Ik leer mijn lichaam goed kennen en de signalen van mijn lichaam. Embodyment, I love it!


Jessica has over 9 years of yoga experience discovered yoga after burnout. It immediately felt like coming home. She did a Poweryoga teacher training in 2017 and a Restorative Yoga Teacher training in 2019.

“Yoga is not just about flexibility but mainly about getting to know myself, who am I, what am I doing, where is my challenge and why?

Too crazy how my physical body helps me discover my limits also mentally, it gives me peace and it makes me focus on myself. In my lessons I intuitively feel what is needed at that moment, so sometimes the lesson will be more intense and challenging and other times softer and calmer. My class is different every time, matching my creative spirit”.


Amanda has over 11 years of yoga experience. She started with Dru Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga and went on to Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga training from there.

Being “on the mat” is a nice anchor point in my life, allowing me to come out to myself again and again. This has brought me more peace and balance. Along the way yoga has brought me so much awareness and beauty, I wish you the same.

I like to challenge you in my classes, with a soft look at yourself and within your limits. An open atmosphere with personal attention is characteristic of my classes. And luckily laughter is also allowed, after all, humor deserves all the space it can get on the mat!


Marije was introduced to yoga at an early age. She attended children’s yoga and together with her father she did yoga exercises at home.

The real deepening in yoga came later, during her working life. Marije did the Yin Yoga training at the Nieuwe Yogaschool in Amsterdam where she was taught by Johan Noorloos. Marije also did a children’s yoga training.

That relaxed (happy) feeling after a yin yoga class, I grant it to everyone! Yoga brings me a lot. I am more conscious and relaxed because of yoga. It helps me, especially when I’m busy or worried.

Yoga can also help you feel calmer and more yourself, to zoom out of certain thoughts or beliefs. To reconnect with your body and feel what you really need.


Yoga is my passion. Who knows, I can share my passion and inspire you. Because what a beautiful path the yoga path is. Wonderful to work with your body and respond to the desire for a spiritual practice. I’d love to go out with you. “Who am I? What lives in me? How do I connect with myself? What is yoga?”

Nienke took her first Ashtanga Yoga class in 2003. In 2005 she took her first Yoga training at Yoga Moves. She then went to India twice to study at the KPJAY institute. She had her own Yoga studio in Eindhoven. In 2019 she got two frozen shoulders and a body that needed rest. That was tough and educational. In addition to an Asthanga Yoga training, she has followed a Yin Yoga training.


In 2021, Aleksandra made a switch in her life and switched to teaching yoga. She has a Hatha Yoga background.

“I’m a Hatha Yoga teacher (PIYF 300 hours certification) with an MBA executive degree.

I spent 13 years in an office job building my career in different countries and as a result I know everything about back pain ­čśë
In 2021 I made a sharp pivot in my life and switched my corporate career to yoga teaching. I found my mission in helping all people, without exception, of any physiological ability, to achieve their best physical and mental health condition”.


Eefje was introduced to yoga and breathwork more than 10 years ago. Her passion and fascination for health, awareness, energy and inner work quickly grew into a practice where she teaches 1 on 1 sessions, workshops and yoga classes.

“Yin Yoga has been for me the beginning of getting in touch with my body, feeling what lives there and finding inner peace. I like to support you in slowing down and softening during a moment for yourself, in a gentle energy to arrive deeper into your body:.

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The Studio


You are welcome to our fine place at 14 Raadhuisstraat!

– We enter the studio without shoes, you take them off in the hall where you enter
– You can leave your phone on silent/mute during class
– Bring your own yogamat. Only for trial classes we have yogamats (bring your handtowel to put over your mat)
– Meditation cushions, bolsters and props are available in the studio
– We have yoga items for sale for your own use
– Bring a hand towel to use during an active class
– There is plenty of free parking in front of the door

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