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Private class

Do you need guidance in your yoga practice? Then personal guidance may be for you. Tailored to your needs and desires. We are happy to help you further!

Choose your teacher with whom you would like to schedule a 1-on-1 session:

One on one with Amanda


One on one with Jessica

What to expect?

A class of 75 minutes with attention for you. The personal sessions will be given in the studio, which is completely at your disposal, giving you the space for yourself and allowing optimal attention to customization and working more efficiently on your needs and wishes.

Investment: 100 EUR for 75 min.

I recently took a 1 on 1 class with Manon. You can get personal adjustments about your physical yoga, but we went into depth on a personal level. My own Human Design guided the conversation. Manon takes you through the background of these teachings and also makes it personal. She really sees you. For me it was a real eye opener, I can recommend this class to anyone. It is completely tailored to your needs.