One on one

Growth, transformation & freedom

One on one

Are you ready to dive deeper and grow spiritually? Do you have a desire to gain more insight into yourself? And do you find it challenging and necessary to peel off the “onion” and live more authentically?
If so, I think it would be fun to work on that together. Coaching is always a combination of talking and moving.

Play. Feel. Freedom.

To guide you well I use my experience of 15 years of yoga, personal training, holistic lifestyle coach and Human Design, a study that gives insight into what makes you unique as a human being and what suits you best.

I invite you to go deep into your consciousness and the unknown. Welcome gentle new growth. Break the habit of always working on your shortcomings and let nature take its course. Know that growth and transformation sometimes feels vulnerable and uncanny. Trust the journey that leads to renewal.

I recently took a 1 on 1 class with Manon. You can get personal adjustments about your physical yoga, but we went into depth on a personal level. My own Human Design guided the conversation. Manon takes you through the background of these teachings and also makes it personal. She really sees you. For me it was a real eye opener, I can recommend this class to anyone. It is completely tailored to your needs.